Apple orchards covered much of the original Astor estate, producing fruit not only for the use of the estate but also for the personal property and commercial hotels owned by the Astors in New York City.  All of those orchards have disappeared over the years with the dispersal of most of the Astor land but Ferncliff Farm has reintroduced apple trees that would have been grown during the history of the estate – Newtown Pippin, King of Thompkins County, Summer Rambo, Margil, Pound Sweet, Esopus Spitzenburg and Winesap.  All were planted on the estate in 2012 to mark the 100th anniversary of John Jacob Astor IV death on the Titanic and are now starting to produce mature heirloom fruit.  All an homage to what was so important to Ferncliff Farm and to the long time Hudson Valley orchardists.  Look for the Ferncliff apples in locally produced small batch hard cider in the fall of 2019.